Canva Pagoda In China At Night

China is a cultural trip. We can walk on The Great Wall, march alongside the Terracotta Army and enter the Forbidden City. And we can definitely look out for dragons. We’ll most likely want to eat a lot too. From world-class restaurants in Shanghai to smoky street stalls, there’s a cornucopia of Chinese cuisine to sample and savour.


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Places to go…people to see. We have plenty of suggestions for your holiday to China. Let us know what you’d like to feature in your itinerary and we’ll make it happen.


Is China LGBT friendly?

Our luxury holidays are open to everyone and we are particularly proud to specialise in LGBTQ+ travel advice. Every hotel we've picked is LGBTQ+ friendly, ensuring Huben holidays are welcoming to all of our guests. Here’s the local lowdown around gay rights in China.

LGBT Rights in China

Where first?

This is the fun bit. Now we can turn your ideas into a bespoke holiday.
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