Fijian welcomes are warm and full of smiles – perfect for a Huben holiday. Get ready for laid-back, sun-drenched island life with palm-fringed beaches and endless possibilities of things to do on or under the waves.

On a Fiji holiday, you’ll have world-famous snorkelling and diving spots on your doorstep as well as watersports from calm kayaking to wild waterskiing. As the Fijians are so friendly, we recommend taking the time to visit a local community to learn about their heritage – you’ll be greeted with a cheery bula (used as ‘hello’ but literally meaning ‘life’) wherever you go.

There are 333 islands. Choosing which one to go to may be difficult, but once you’ve decided we’ll make getting there easy. Plus, did we mention that Fiji has some of the most luxurious hotels on the planet? Expect exclusive island hideaways, where you can spend lazy days taking dips in the pool, unwinding with spa treatments, tucking into boat-fresh seafood and cheers-ing the sunset with zesty cocktails.


Design your destination

Places to go…people to see. We have plenty of suggestions for your holiday to Fiji. Let us know what you’d like to feature in your itinerary and we’ll make it happen.


Fiji gay travel

The last thing we want when we’re in paradise is to feel unwelcome, so the good news is that it’s a yay to being gay in Fiji – it’s been ‘legal’ since 2010 and discrimination has been illegal since 2009. The Fijian people we’ve met have all been warm and friendly, and the service gets rave reviews. As with all Huben holidays, if you’re an LGBTQ+ couple then we’ll make sure that there’s no fuss in Fiji when it comes to a huge double bed for two.

Is Fiji LGBT friendly?

Our luxury holidays are open to everyone and we are particularly proud to specialise in LGBTQ+ travel advice. Every hotel we've picked is LGBTQ+ friendly, ensuring Huben holidays are welcoming to all of our guests. Here’s the local lowdown around gay rights in Fiji.

LGBT Rights in Fiji

Where first?

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