COVID-19 frequently asked questions

COVID-19 frequently asked questions

Q: What happens if I can’t travel due to Covid-19?

A: Travel restrictions are constantly changing, which leads to confusion around what happens if travel restrictions mean you can no longer complete your travel plans as originally intended. We are here to help and will ensure any changes that have to be made to your travel plans are as smooth as possible. In the current climate, we plan as much flexibility into all our trips as possible, which means changing things is that little bit easier when needed. At the time of booking, we will clearly lay out any restrictions that mean you would not receive a refund in the event your trip cannot go ahead because of Covid-19.


Q: Do I need travel insurance with Covid-19 cover?

A: More than ever before, travel insurance is a necessity, not an add-on. Huben Travel offers travel insurance with Covid cover through First Travel Insurance, a company that offers a wide selection of great value policies. In these unprecedented times, First Travel Insurance now includes enhanced Covid-19 cover and you can find out more about this Gold Cover on our Insurance page.


Q: How much is my deposit?

A: We work with our suppliers to keep deposits as low as we can. Many of our trips come with a low deposit amount of just £50pp.


Q: Is it safe to travel yet?

A: Currently the UK is in a national lockdown, which means travel for leisure reasons is not allowed. However, we hope with news of the vaccine roll-out that this will soon end. We are constantly checking the FCDO website to make sure we have up-to-date information. We can, however, book trips for a little later in 2021 with some confidence they will go ahead unaffected. 


Q: Where can I travel?

A: The UK is in a national lockdown, so you can't travel anywhere for leisure reasons at the moment. However, restrictions are changing on a week by week basis. Contact us to talk about the latest destinations that are open to UK travellers. 


Q: Do I need to wear a mask in the airport?

A: Yes, face masks must be worn while inside the airport buildings and while on board the aircraft. The exception to this is when you are consuming food and drink.


Q: What happens if I get Covid while I’m away?

A: The health implications of Covid vary greatly from person to person. You should ensure your travel insurance policy includes Covid cover for medical treatment in the countries you plan to travel to.


Q: What does Huben Travel do to make sure travelling is as safe as possible?

A: We follow any FCDO advice as to what destinations are currently safe for travellers. We also keep in touch with our suppliers, including hotel and activity providers, to learn how they are adapting to Covid-19, including what measures they are putting in place to ensure guest safety is the number one priority.


Q: Can I still book holidays for 2021?

A: Absolutely, we are still seeing interest in quarantine-free 2021 holidays, so you can book now and travel later.


Q: Where can I travel in the UK at the moment?

A: We are in a national lockdown, so we encourage you to stay home and safe. Now is a great time to start dreaming of a holiday and we are still available over the phone and via webchat if you'd like to book a holiday for later this year or 2022. 


Q: Is it safe to book a 2021 holiday?

A: While COVID-19 has thrown travel into turmoil, we believe that with news of a vaccine and more travel corridors opening up, now is a great time to book ahead. Whether you feel more confident planning in advance or would rather snap up a last-minute deal when you know a travel corridor is open, we can help you plan, recommend hotels and keep you up-to-date with the latest travel news and advice. Many of our holidays come with flexible booking policies and low deposits, so ask us for details.


Q: Should I book a 2021 holiday?

A: Absolutely. If you feel like you need to escape to a beautiful beach, relax onboard a luxurious cruise or discover historical sights in a destination such as Italy, we are here to help. What you do need to bear in mind is FCDO advice, travel corridors, booking conditions and refund policies. We can help you navigate all these areas, so you can make an informed decision. There’s nothing better than having a holiday to look forward to, so talk to us for holiday ideas and recommendations and we’ll tell you about the best holidays with flexible booking policies and low deposits.


Q: Is there testing at airports in the UK?

A: Yes. Heathrow, Manchester, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands, Newcastle and Edinburgh all have testing facilities. Many offer the service for around the £100 mark and we can arrange an airport hotel for you before your holiday, ensuring enough time to get the result and get in the holiday mood. Hotels are also introducing the service and one of our favourites is Sofitel’s Test & Rest package at London Heathrow, where you can book an overnight stay and do a self-administered saliva-based PCR Covid-19 test, deliver it to reception and, overnight, the results will be sent directly to your mobile with a certificate. We can book this for you, so just chat to us about the discounted parking, too.


Q: How do I book a PCR travel test?

A: Many companies are offering the chance to request a PCR test in the post or you can get a certificate within 24 hours by requested a medically-trained courier to visit your home. PCR travel tests are readily available now for travel and even big high-street names such as Boots have introduced an in-store Covid-19 testing service. 


Q: What are the restrictions on travel?

A: This is a changing situation and it all depends on your nationality and the destination you want to travel to and from. Give us a call and we’ll do the research and make it as easy as possible for you.



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